Dynamic Bloch (Description)

|ψ> = i |0> + i |1>

State Vector

Shown above is a Bloch sphere, a state vector and a quantum computing (QC) circuit. Clicking "Connect" will start the display. Here's what's going on:

  • Several naturally occurring sources of radioactive decay are being monitored by Geiger counter devices.
  • The data from these devices is streamed to your Web browser in near real time.
  • The natural random fluctuations in the frequencies of radioactive emissions are then translated into unitary matrices, which are also QC gates.
  • A QC circuit is created with one qubit and a dynamically created gate (unitary matrix) applied to it and then runs in the RDS QC simulator (also running in your browser).
  • The resulting circuit and simulator output is shown above, and the state of the qubit is also visualized in the standard Bloch sphere format.

In other words, the Bloch sphere is visualizing naturally occurring quantum states. The math behind QC infused with the real deal.

What might this be useful for (besides just being neat?) Immediately at least, for numerically driven novel gate discovery.