• QC: Quantum Computing
    • Bloch Sphere Visualizer: Two-bit quantum system allowing for application of common gates and visualizing results.
    • QIDE: Quantum (Computing) Integrated Development Environment using Rust/WASM browser-based QC engine.
    • QSSV: Quantum Shared State Vector: Share a state vector with another person and operate on quantum state together in real time.
    • DBloch: Near real time monitoring of radioactive decay sample translated into unitary matrix and visiualized in a Bloch sphere.
  • Random Seed: Cryptographically secure Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) service.
  • CCC: Consciousness Causing Collapse: Testing whether consciousness causes the collapse of quantum conditions.
  • Games:
    • Qtris: Qtris: Play a fun little numbers game while also contributing to quantum state and consciousness interaction research.
    • Geom: A fun little reproduction of geomantic divination driven by nature - decaying uranium.
    • QCAs: CA algorithms (including quantum infused) implemented in Rust, visualized in Javascript.
  • Music:
    • OStatic: Create a 2D keyboard with tone frequencies generated by radioactive decay event intervals. A quantum-created instrument!
    • Messiaen: For musicians or music theory geeks, searches through Messiaen scales mathematically to find a Messiaen scale matching specific criteria.
  • Archived: (Things that do not appear to work - yet...)
    • COQKD: Conscious Observation Quantum Key Distribution: Two participants work together to share a random number by exchanging real quantum states.
    • CCT: Looking for an increase in events when paired with observed / unobserved events.
    • RPC: Similar goal as CCT.